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We've Changed!

Well we have some big news for you all!


As you may know we moved to a fabulous new venue in Hindmarsh recently.    We are no longer trading as a café, but instead focusing on hosting and catering to functions and events.  And we are no longer outside a Square!     Soooo, after 5 amazing years, the time is now right for a new name and brand .. to carry us forward for the next 5 years and beyond!..


As most of you would be aware, in Covid times when we had to close our cafe doors to the public, we reinvented ourself as a mobile soup kitchen, distributing food to vulnerable people in need, here there and everywhere.   As can happen sometimes, we are very grateful that happened - as that has now become the main foundation of our charitable work, as well as the training opportunities in hospitality we continue to offer, to people needing a bit of a leg up.  We are aiming to distribute a whopping 100,000 meals this year, to put food on the table for those less fortunate.


And that’s why the new name we have decided on is (drumroll please!) -  Food on the Table.    Our new logo is attached, and we hope you love it as much as we do!…


A huge thank you goes to the amazing team at Purple Giraffe Marketing, especially Terri, Alyssa and Lynda, for their awesome work helping to design this new logo for us - which they did for us completely pro bono, from the goodness of their wonderful hearts thank you!   We hope you will agree the quality of our new brand speaks volumes for the great work they do - so please do call them next time you need help!


As you might know too, our major fundraising event SoupandSleep is happening only a few weeks from now.   So we were absolutely thrilled recently that Ooh Media, one of the 2 major outdoor media providers in the country, have decided to gift us a massive free campaign for all of the next month, on both major billboards and bus shelters, throughout both the city and the metro area.   As of today you will literally be seeing our name up in lights, promoting our big event everywhere!


So we decided what better time to announce our new name!   Fyi, you won’t see the Café mentioned anywhere, just because that might confuse the many people who didn’t already yet know of us. And if you go to our website or other places now, you will see we are flying our new name and brand proudly.


We are so proud of our history and our amazing community who have helped us get here, thank you all so much.   And we will always look back so fondly on our wonderful time in Whitmore Square, sharing a venue with the fabulous Vinnies team, and supporting the great work they continue to do.   But time marches forward, and now as a registered charity ourself and operating from our own awesome venue, we are so excited to spread our wings and begin the next part of our journey..


We owe such a huge thank you to so many people who have helped us get here.   Our fabulous staff, our awesome army of volunteers, our delightful trainees, our dedicated Board, our awesome customers, our generous donors, our SoupKitchen partners, our fantastic suppliers, our fabulous corporate supporters, our wonderful partner schools - the list just goes on and on frankly!    We are so grateful to all of you, that you have helped us to now be in such a strong position, to build for the future and work toward our mission to ensure that "No one goes hungry".


Please don’t hesitate to let us know any queries you might have about all this, and we hope you are as excited as we are!


Warmest regards


Mike and the gang   x

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