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Soup&Sleep 2022!

If you haven't already heard, Soup&Sleep ( is Cafe Outside the Square's major annual fundraising activity to help us in our mission to make sure that "No One Goes Hungry!"

On the evening of Thursday June 2nd 2022, those who registered to help us fundraise with sponsorships from family, friends and colleagues, slept under the stars in the cold. An unforgettable experience, though we all of course got to go back to our own beds the next night...

All proceeds raised go directly towards feeding and supporting those who are doing it tough right now, and cannot afford a fresh and healthy meal, and towards providing training opportunities to help others help themselves.

We are so excited to announce that along with our fabulous volunteers, we made and then distributed an incredible 7,680 meal servings to people in need during the week of our fundraiser! ... and with the help of all of our incredible fundraisers as part of our Soup&Sleep 2022 major annual event, have now raised over $200,000 towards the important work we do in our community! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us along our journey in helping to ensure "No One Goes Hungry!"

The COTS team xx #soupandsleep2022

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