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paying it forward in troubled times

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Soup Kitchen – Buy 1 for you and pay forward 2 more for someone doing it hard right now

During these times we are mindful of how difficult things have been for our little charity cafe and the hospitality industry more generally.

But then on top of that, there are those people in our community who were already doing it really tough, and for whom life has now got even just that bit harder.

Like people experiencing homelessness - and heaven forbid how many more there may be after this pandemic subsides.

So in March 2020 we opened up our own Soup Kitchen, where $10 buys you a delicious hearty cup of soup, and more importantly also pays forward a cup for two other people in need, which we organise to be directly delivered to them, given that many disadvantaged people continue to live in isolation.

This includes our delivering soups for lunch to the Companions of the Vinnies men's crisis accommodation shelter down the road, who eat their dinner here in our place every night.

We are also delivering soups regularly to safe houses for victims of domestic violence, as well as to clients of a number of other amazing not for profit organisations housing and supporting vulnerable people in our community, including the Hutt St Centre, BaptistCare and PuddleJumpers.

We totally understand that for many, coming into the Café (open 9am-3pm daily at the moment) to grab your soup might not be very practical.

Given that, we’d love to encourage you to support this initiative anyway, and you can come and enjoy your soup whenever it suits down the track. Alternatively, if you are happy to provide all three soups to those in need, as we are a registered charity we can then make your payment a $10 tax deductible donation.

You can just pay us by card over the phone (call Mike on 0418 666 622 any time), or pay via direct transfer to our bank account as follows:

Cafe Outside The Square Ltd

BSB: 633 000

ACC: 161 439 591

Email your remittance to Tim via and we will make it all happen and send you your invoice/tax receipt.

Or you can pay via PayPal/credit card simply by following this link to our GoFundMe page.

Or you can make an ongoing monthly donation (via paypal) by clicking the button below

And if you or someone you know are doing it hard right now, please just wander along to the café from 9am-3pm and grab your free cup of soup (from a social distance of course), generously paid for by those within the community who still have the capacity to assist.

We’d love you to share this post widely with others too please, so we can all do our little bit to help someone who needs it at the moment.

We hope you are all keeping well and taking good care of yourselves.

Lots of Love, Mike, Tim, & Paul @ Cafe Outside The Square xx

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