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Last updated: 17th Feb 2021

Soup Kitchen – Pour it forward by providing some hearty warm and nutritious soups to someone doing it rough right now.

Just $10 pays for three delicious hearty hot cups of soup for people in need... which as well as being available from our soup kitchen are getting delivered to people wherever they may be, in partnership with another fabulous organization Mobilise, who are helping to distribute our soups all around the state.


And as we are a registered charity your donation is fully tax deductible.

You can just pay us by card over the phone (call Mike on 0418 666 622 any time), or pay via direct transfer to our bank account as follows:

Cafe Outside The Square Ltd

BSB: 633 000

ACC: 161 439 591


If you then just email your remittance to Tim via we will make it all happen and send you your invoice/tax receipt.

You can make a once off or ongoing monthly donation (via paypal) by clicking this button


Or you can pay via PayPal/credit card simply by visiting our GoFundMe page.

We’d love you to share this post widely with others too please, so we can all do our little bit to help someone who needs it at the moment.


We hope you are all keeping well and taking good care of yourselves.

Lots of Love, Mike, Tim, & Paul

@ Cafe Outside The Square xx

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