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"It really brings out the warm and fuzzies"

"Just $10 dollars 'Pours It Forward' into 3 nutritional hardy soups which go to people in need"

Channel 7 News "Acts of Kindness"   May 6th 2020

"Whitmore Square cafe changes lives of Adelaide’s homeless"

"As well as serving up top coffee and meals, it's teaching homeless people how to do restaurant and bar work."

Channel 7 News   23 November 2017


"Check out this Cafe with a huge heart"

"As a not-for-profit business, every dollar that’s spent at Café Outside The Square is re-invested in helping groups in need — particularly the homeless, refugees and prisoners.  For Tim and Mike, the aim is to help people who haven’t had the same opportunities in life, or may have taken a different path. The café is a perfect place to give them some training, connect with employment opportunities, provide a meal, or simply serve as a place to reconnect with the community."

ADELADY   March 5, 2020

Platters 1 NEW.jpg

"Good coffee and goodwill on the menu at new café"

"A new not-for-profit café has brought a fresh food offering to Adelaide’s Whitmore Square while also helping those who are homeless and long-term unemployed. By day it operates as a café, serving breakfast and lunch, and in the evenings it is used as the dining area for those staying at the adjacent Vinnies Men’s Crisis Centre."

INDAILY   6 December 2017

"It offers help to those who have fallen on hard times"

"Alan Hickey was joined in the studio by Mike Chalmers, the brains behind Cafe Outside The Square, and trainee Ethan, who has flourished through his participation in the program."

1395 5AA Radio   14 December 2017


"New Cafe In The CBD Has A Big Heart And Big Coffees"

"Slip under the vine-covered verandah to find Adelaide’s biggest hearted cafe. The heart comes into the cafe when you discover that it’s purpose is to provide employment and skills to Vinnies’ ‘Companions’ (their disadvantaged patrons) and that all proceeds go to supporting the Vinnies homeless shelter just down the road, while also providing valuable job experience and skills to the disadvantaged, so your coffee is not only guilt-free, but it’s helping people"

GLAM Adelaide   9 March 2018

"Cafe patrons can help the homeless and the less fortunate"

"If you want to make a difference in the community and give back to those who need it the most, take a leaf out of Café Outside the Square founder Mike Chalmers’ play book"

Business SA   12 February 2018

"A unique, not for profit cafe has opened in the dining area of the Vinnies Men's Crisis Centre"

"The cafe serves amazing coffee and light meals, provides a pay it forward lunch meal, a co-working space"

Vinnies Newsletter   22 Feb 2018

"A new cafe has opened on Whitmore Square that serves up coffee and meals with a difference"

"By night it’s the venue for the St Vincent de Paul soup kitchen for the companions of the nearby homeless shelter and by day it’s a regular cafe providing training and work experience to youth and the disadvantaged."

Radio Adelaide   14 December 2017

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